"Baby, in the summer time. That is where I’ll be" 
- Thirsty Merc 

Oh happy days Perth. The mornings are bright. The temp has risen. School exams are almost over. I have surfaced from my winter slumber. I mean - I haven’t literally been sleeping this whole time (obviously) but there’s something about the longer days, the warmer weather and the sunshine that lights up my soul.

What to do with those extra moments of morning sunlight before school, uni or work? How about a little bit of self care!

I’m not going to lie - I am generally not a morning person and have seriously STRUGGLED to get out of bed these past few months. Think 7.30 *snooze* 7.45 *snooze* 8.00 *scroll entire insta feed* 8.30 *shhiiitttteee*. A good morning routine suited to the individual is what most happy, healthy and successful beings swear on (Business Insider) and what can help to build good self esteem and self love in adolescents. So I've slowly started to jooj mine up. In an alternate universe I’d be getting up at 6am: 20 minute medi, 60 min yoga flow, 20min run, dip in the ocean, green smoothie, breakfast with the girls, feed and cuddle the rabbit, answer the emails and then pumped, excited and ready for work at 8.30 yer?! #goals.

Instead -  #realife - I’ve started to distribute my favourite self care tasks across the week to take a small step in the right direction of shaping up my Summer Time Morning Routine to help fill up my self love cup. 

Of course Schatzie (the bunny) gets lots of love every day, emails get answered at some point and the green smoothie (recipe to come) is an easy add in whenever I feel like it. If I'm requiring a bit more sleep one morning - I'll take it for sure and then enjoy a few minutes of breathing whilst drinking my tea. Be mindful that this is what self care looks like for me. It's far from perfect - Insta still gets a work out most mornings, and this routine isn't yet habit (Read: The Power Of Habit) but I'm certainly not striving for perfection. Slowly, step by step, incorporating the activities that are good for MY mind and body will set me up for the beautiful day ahead!

Want to include a little bit of self care into your Summer Time Morning Routine? Focus on one self care activity you love (not something you think you HAVE to do) one morning a week. Set aside 10 minutes when you first get up to do this - like enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. Try it without looking through your Facebook feed and instead just really taking those few minutes to enjoy the smell, taste and feeling of that cuppa. Or perhaps for you it's starting the day reading a few pages or chapter of an inspiring book; listening to a motivating Podcast; taking the dog for a walk; pumping on some tunes and enjoying a solo singing sesh in the shower. Whatever floats your boat! Taking these small moments to really focus on you can help maintain your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. You are worth it! 

Big changes start with small steps. 

Let me know in the comments below what self care activity you already incorporate into your Summer Time Morning Routine or what you'd like to start including!

Be gentle beautiful souls! ☀️ 

Sabine x