The Youth Have Spoken

Now it’s up to us to listen. 


The Annual Youth Survey from Mission Australia is out. In it’s 15th year of completion, almost 21,846 young Australians aged between 15 and 19 participated.   

The results tell it how it is. 

Coping with Stress 

School & Study Problems 

Body Image 

remain the top 3 issues of personal concern for this age group.

Depression follows closely behind at Number 4. 

With 3 in 10 students being HIGHLY concerned about body image and 4 in 10 indicating being VERY or EXTREMELY concerned about coping with stress and school/study problems, we can’t ignore the numbers. Furthermore, it's the females who are continuing to rate these higher than their males counterparts. 

The results aren’t a shock; these issues are coming up time and time again. Providing the youth with coping strategies and supportive environments (which they WANT to be in) should be a priority. 

Referring back to the survey: 

1/4 indicated depression was an issue of concern 


1/10 highlighted that suicide was.

These are the stats that need to be changed. 

To prevent these numbers escalating the underlying issues need to be addressed. 

If you are a parent and are unsure about how to address these issues or if you’re feeling dismissed by your teen - we’re here to help. 

If you're a teen craving to feel supported and wanting insights into strategies and tools to overcome these concerns - we're here to help. 

Our upcoming February workshop directly addresses coping methods for stress and provides tools for breaking through negative body image beliefs. 

Delivered in a safe and nurturing environment, we incorporate core strengthening and Pilates based exercise to encourage the mind-body connection and display the positive effects movement has on our wellbeing.

Girls in Year 10 ,11 or 12; this workshop is for you. To know you are not alone in feeling Fear. To learn how to cope better with stress. To rediscover your appreciation for your body.

We have heard you. 

We have got your back. 


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