4 Unquestionable Ways to Score Mental Health

My top tips for ensuring those you know are mentally well. All you need is social media!



Photo by  Becca Tapert  on  Unsplash

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

1. Check the number of followers they have.

It's an influencers world out there! If your favourite 'gramer has over 5k, they are definitely not anxious. They are getting free teeth whitening kits, juice cleanses, somehow get sunshine year around and I'm pretty sure they're getting paid to order über eats. What could they possibly be anxious about?  

Mental Health score: Well 

2. Check their frequency of posting.

Everyday happy snaps of #beach #downwarddog #acaibowl #bulletproofcoffee. Nutritious food + moving their body + mindfulness at the beach = healthy! Duh. Their feed is constantly being updated with the latest #balanced meal and #wholefood goodness so clearly they are aren't engaging in severe food restriction, binging or purging practises.

Mental Health Score: Smashing the Game

3. Check on any changes in frequency of posting. 

Is your bestie only posting once a week? GASP. Once a month?! They must be in the depths of a mental crisis. Where are the champagne Boomerangs? The boarding pass/passport pics? The wistfully looking out a window pose? The inspirational quotes? There is no way they could just be out there living their life, enjoying the moment and forgetting to share it online. Send for help. 

Mental Health Score: On the Verge of a Breakdown

4. Check their content.

Smiling selfies. Cute (fur)baby updates. Perfectly styled celebrations (bonus points for an engagement, wedding or baby shower). Coffee dates. Friendship hangs. Romantic gestures accidentally caught on camera (standing on a tripod, recording). This person is loving life. There is no evidence of stress from a shitty job, trying to make ends meet financially or struggling with family dynamics. No evidence of insecurities, self doubts, fears. Don't be concerned for them at all. 

Mental Health Score: Living the Dream

So there you have it. The completely unquestionable ways to assess someone’s mental health with 4 easy checks of their social media. 

Please don’t use your friend’s online presence to make assumptions on their wellbeing. It’s too easy to edit. Too easy to omit. Too easy to pretend. Reach out to them IRL*. Make plans to catch up over breakfast (where you don't take a picture of your avo smash), a walk (resist the urge to update everyone on your cute new active wear) or whatever you like to do. Likewise, it's dangerous to place people on a pedestal and believe they are immune from mental health struggles. Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Train Drivers, Chefs, Designers, The Girl Next Door, Butchers, Bakers, Candlestick makers, it doesn't matter.  



 Give love


*Mum, IRL means "In real life”