A Personal Note....

It’s been 2.5 years since I purchased the name, 2 years since I secured the website domain and 18 months since I launched "Core Confidence" in to the world. 

I had two driving forces. Two reasons. My big why’s.

  1. Prevention: To teach and educate our youth about the life skills and evidence based strategies I wish I had known about BEFORE struggling with my mental illnesses.
  2. Community: To speak openly, sharing my experiences to create a sense of belonging and normalcy for those in recovery. I don’t want anyone else to feel the loneliness and isolation that I did whilst I was struggling with my eating disorder and working to overcome it.

It’s cliché but true - it has been an incredible journey both personally and professionally. In 18 months I: launched a website, ran multiple workshops alone, ran a few workshops collaboratively, ran workshops at school’s, spoke at school’s, spoke at a huge youth mental health forum, attended expo’s, received a partnership offer, declined a partnership offer, met and worked alongside amazing women and organisations, ran regular Teen Pilates classes, worked from home, worked from cafes, worked in bed, pitched in a 'shark tank like’ environment (highly recommend Bloom for any fellow start-ups), worked from Bloom, exceeded my goal for the amount of young people I wanted to impact in the first year, experienced incredible support, had many coffee aka chai “meetings”, overcame several mountainous doses of self doubt, had endless ideas, acted on very few, learnt a shit load yet still not nearly enough, cried more times than I can count, felt completely aligned with my purpose at every single workshop/event/speaking opportunity, never gave up. 

There has been a few fleeting thoughts of “this is too hard”. But only one, more lengthy and recent, moment where I truly felt like I couldn’t continue. Where I considered moving on, disposing of my why’s, leaving them on the curb and waving goodbye. 

You see - I’m not a business woman. But neither was *insert your inspirational-ultimate #goals-had a dream-kicked some butt-GirlBoss here*. 

My downfall, like many before me, came in trying to do it all. Little secret - not possible. The breakthrough came after the breakdown (of course) as I realised I had been restricted by placing myself in the “Core Confidence” box. The messages were conflicting, therefore my marketing was all over the place; I was trying to speak to many different audiences in the same breath. No wonder we were all so confused and my brain was in tatters.

However, when your why - or your why’s in my case - are so deeply engrained in your values, your thoughts, your behaviours and your gut; you circle back around to that curb, pick them up, whisper your apologies and walk away cuddling them as close to your chest as you can. 

Core Confidence is continuing as is. Although some tweaks are needed, it fulfils my first why. Our prevention programs in the form of Teen Pilates, School Holiday Workshops, and Youth Mentoring services are business as usual. The fork in the road aka new addition (which is slightly more terrifying because hello vulnerability) is that’ll I’ll be fulfilling my second why under "Sabine McKenzie". Telling my story, raising awareness, breaking down common misconceptions about eating disorders, advocating for early intervention, and telling those who are struggling that recovery is possible. I have very strong beliefs when it comes to the messages we are being sold in relation to body size, beauty ideals and their contribution to the prevalence of eating disorders and disordered eating in our community. With a health professional qualification in the form of my physiotherapy degree, I bring together my research, science based logic with my intuitive, lived experience realness to cut through the bull*. A new voice in “wellbeing". If you’d like to come along for the ride, you can follow this new journey (not business) on instagram  - @sabine.mckenzie (previously @core_confidence_). 

If you are a parent of a tween or teen: This is the right place for you! Visit this page for a detailed overview of our service offerings and resources. Stay social - we’re on Facebook (Facebook.com/coreconfidence.net) or feel free to email on hello@coreconfidence.net for any queries or questions. 

If you are a business, organisation, NFP or school running workshops for 10-18 year olds: Pilates and mindfulness would be the perfect addition to your event! Encouraging the mind body connection and teaching self care is our speciality and we’d love to work with you. Please get in contact via email hello@coreconfidence.net 

If you are a business, organisation, NFP or school looking for a speaker: I would love to hear from you. My speciality is sharing my lived experience of mental illness with a focus on recovery and the importance of connection. I abide by researched guidelines to ensure content is helpful, not harmful, and aimed specifically for your audience. 

Source: @sabine.mckenzie

Source: @sabine.mckenzie

If you’ve read this far - thanks! I’m not even sure if people still read Blog’s…Podcast? YouTube? Anyone?? I digress. Every teen participant, booking, collaboration, event sponsorship, coffee meeting, message, comment, like, share, tag, email, conversation, hug, shoulder (for the tears) over the last 18 months have been greatly appreciated. More than you will probably ever know! 


Let’s see what happens next…. 


With love, 

Sabine x