The Girl Empowerment Project - Perth

When I learnt about what this Perth student was creating for her community (thanks Amanda!) I instantly needed to know more. It's no secret that poor mental health is a leading cause of concern for adolescents. Although there are numerous organisations and businesses working to highlight these concerns and be at the forefront of making changes (Core Confidence included), there is often a disconnect between youth and these organisations. Not to mention the isolation and stigma that is, wrongly, often associated with seeking out these services. Enter Year 10 student, Jordyn. On a mission to connect her community, inspire change, showcase the importance of kindness and be a voice for Girl Empowerment.

It's a Perth first. A health and wellbeing expo. Created by a teen, for teens.


Jordyn, before we get stuck into what you’re putting together at the moment, can you tell us a little bit about you? 

Yes sure! I'm Jordyn, a 15-year old girl attending Helena College Senior School. I enjoy reading, interesting/abstract movie and documentaries, hanging out with my family, making people laugh hysterically and helping others.  


As part of my Schools International Baccalaureate (IB) program I am required to complete a personal project at the end of the middle years program.  For my project, I decided to do something that relates to me personally and is something that I feel is an issue of huge significance in today’s modern society.  An increasing number of teenage girls are suffering from mental health issues and are feeling more and more disconnected from themselves, their families, each other and their communities. The impact of issues related to social media use, body image and self-confidence are also hugely significant. Through my project I hope to create something that will inspire and empower today’s young women.

"To Encourage them to be confident in their abilities, to be kind, to stand together united, and to ask for help and support from each other when they need it"

Amazing! So what is The Girl Empowerment Expo all about?

The Girl Empowerment Expo is an event created to highlight to adolescent girls the importance of physical and mental wellbeing focusing on self-esteem, image and confidence. So far I have dozens of organisations and businesses attending to help this cause plus many performances such as musical acts, dramatic acts, dances and much more.

The purpose of using an Expo format is to make it a fun, creative and accessible environment that reduces the stigma and isolation of adolescents.

The key aims of my exhibition are:

  • To highlight the amazing facilities and opportunities that girls have available to them.
  • To be inclusive of all marginalised groups including Indigenous, culturally and linguistically diverse, differently abled and sexually diverse young people.
  • To empower and inspire individual change as well as community change
  • To create a sense of unity, belongingness and hope amongst young females
  • To assist teens in taking chances, creating change and developing confidence in themselves, their skills and their abilities.
  • Most importantly, to empower young women. Hopefully helping them to develop into kind, considerate, smart, brave individuals.

Why is this something you wanted to create for your community?

I felt it was an area of great need. Though women and girls have access to a lot of facilities and opportunities not a lot of it is easily accessible or shown all in one place.

Before commencing this project, I conducted research into possible events like the one I am creating around Perth. For the most part I came back with nothing. This utterly surprised me as myself and many others I have spoken to view this as an area of great need within our community.

I am excited to be one of the first people in Perth to complete a project like this. I hope it will have a great impact on many individuals as well as our community as a whole.

What do you feel are some of the main issues and concerns girls are currently dealing with? 

As mentioned earlier, some of the main issues and concerns faced by girls my age includes a disconnect from their communities and mental health. As well as the impact of issue related to areas such as social media, bullying, self-esteem, body image and self-confidence. As our world continues to advance so do the issues faced by young people, I hope my project will help us at least start to tackle these issues within our community. I hope that my expo will empower and inspire girls, create important connections within our community and provide girls with people and organisations that will hopefully assist in bettering their self-esteem, body image self-confidence and much more.

Can you give us a sneak peek as to who will be there and what they’ll be talking about?

The Girl Empowerment Poster - Online.jpg

Absolutely!! The Expo will include a Keynote speech from 2005 Australian of the year, Professor Fiona Wood. We will also be hearing from Captain Marnie Shields as she discusses her career as a female Pilot. The Perth’s Children’s Hospital Foundation, Youth Power, Rise Network, Parkerville Children and Youth Care,  Empowerment Centre Schools are just some of the organisations who will be there on the day. There will also be aerial yoga performances, a belly dancing routine, singing, a mural being painted on the day by a young female within the community and slam poetry performances performed by teens on issues of significant to young people. If that wasn't enough there is of course a Photo Booth and Free Popcorn machine! 


These are only SOME of the performances, stalls, talks and other opportunities available to come and see at the event! 

Jordyn, what an incredible day this is going to be for the youth in your community, their families and the organisations involved. We can't wait to be there on the day to soak in the amazing atmosphere you will have created, connect with all the amazing attendees and share what we can to help you help others. Thanks for inviting us along to be apart of your Girl Empowerment Project and for taking the time to share your story with us. 

What you need to know: 

The Girls Empowerment Project

Sunday March 25th

10am - 2.30pm

Guildford Town Hall


Make sure to come say hi if you see us!!  

Sabine x