Four Reasons Your Teen Needs Mindful Exercise

Core Confidence utilises the well known benefits of physical activity to encourage the mind body connection. The inclusion of Pilates based exercise in a teen’s activity log helps to solidify mindful movement as part of their self care ritual. An exciting opportunity for your teen to learn mindful movement is coming up soon at the Love Yo Self! Workshop

Why Pilates Based Mindful Exercise?

1. Improve Core Stability 

It’s not about creating a 6 pack - instead the focus is on the ‘inner’ or ‘true’ core muscle groups. By knowing what they are and how to activate the core muscles correctly they are able to be safely strengthened. A strong core appropriately stabilises and supports the body as well as helping to prevent injury to the spine. 

2. Improved Posture 

Specific exercises help to combat the negative effects associated with long periods spent in suboptimal postures e.g. the now common “Text Neck”  - a result from sustained periods staring down at phones, tablets and other devices. The exercises aim to correct the length-tension relationship of postural muscles. In turn this assists in achieving more efficient and optimal movement throughout everyday tasks and other physical activity. 

3. Increased Body Awareness 

Pilates is a low impact and less vigorous form of exercise than others. Most movements involved are small, specific and purposeful - close supervision ensures they are performed correctly. This heightened awareness and increased concentration can help to retrain the mind and build more coordination and symmetry in the body. 

4. Better Stress Management 

A regular, moderate exercise program is beneficial in reducing levels of stress hormones and releasing feel-good chemicals in the body. Pilates based movement goes one step further through its focus on breathing and relaxation. By bringing attention to diaphragmatic breathing and the specific movement being undertaken, the mind is allowed to be emptied. It’s a powerful technique that once learnt can be carried over into other activities of daily living to promote relaxation and decrease the ‘flight’ response in stress inducing situations.  

By practising this form of mindful exercise, teens are allowing these positive mind and body changes to take affect and ripple across all areas of their wellbeing.

Guided by Physiotherapist and Youth Mentor, Sabine, our signature Love Yo Self! workshop combines the benefits of Pilates based exercise with self discovery activities to help your teen appreciate her unique and awesome self. Head to our WORKSHOP page for more details and to sign up. Limited Spaces Available.