Mother-Daughter Magic


How is it Term 3 already?!  Our winter school holidays have come and gone, but not without us welcoming our first batch of mumma’s together with their daughters’ into the Core Confidence #confidentlyyou sisterhood. 

If you follow us on Instagram (click here if you don't😉) you might have seen my ooey, gooey natural high insta-story directly after the Workshop. I wish I could bottle up those happy emotions we were all feeling and release them to the world. We sure do need more of those ecstatic unicorn & rainbow vibes floating around the place. 

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The mum's were looking forward to sharing a few special hours together with their daughters - a break from all of their busy schedules - and the daughters said they were excited to learn some self care strategies to implement at home. 


We started the morning moving our bodies with some Pilates based exercises. Learning about the importance of body awareness and how we can engage in exercise for fun, enjoyment and fitness rather than out of routine, punishment or simply to burn calories. It was great seeing everyone encourage each other through some butt-warming moves. 

We then turned down the pace and started our discussions on Self Love, Self Worth and Self Care. The mums and daughters used their Core Confidence workbooks to get their ideas and learnings onto paper. One big realisation was how similar our struggles with self doubt are. Even though it comes to the surface in different ways and forms - that inner critic played a big role in producing some kind of fear and doubt at different stages in each girl and lady's lives. 


Our beautiful local gift bag sponsors provided the perfect products to assist in the creation of personalised Self Care routines for the girls and their mums to do at home. We specifically talked about what Self Care looks like to each of them and what it's importance is. We broke into smaller groups to discuss this further and it was beautiful to see what the girls and the mums came up with separately. We are very grateful to receive the loving support of other small local businesses that reflect our values and mission. Check them out and give them a 'hey girl!' from us!

Thanks to:

HearUsRaw for providing delicious raw balls. They sure satisfied a sweet tooth or two and gave insight into the importance of knowing what ingredients we're placing in our bodies

UnicornNaturals for gifting beautifully scented lip scrubs. A quick and easy way to incorporate mindful Self Care into their everyday routine. 

The Purist for supplying the lovely Relax Soak packs. The sensual aromas and differing textures providing another great prompt to switch off our active minds by read a good book in the bath or enjoying a few quite mindful moments in the shower. 

Serenity Essential Oils for the beautiful Grounding and Balancing blend that can be easily stashed in a school bag or hand bag for easy access in a frantic or anxious moment. 

Ete Swimwear for the über generous online store voucher which was gifted to one of our lucky girls via door prize. Just in time for summer! 


A focus on gratitude allowed the mums and daughters to bring together all the components, learnings and discussions of the morning. The beautiful sound of the ocean waves assisted the facilitation of a few moments of internal reflection, relaxation and breathing. As the girls and their mums re-opened their eyes, a new found energy was in the room. One could almost feel the hearts filling with love - for themselves and each other. Pure magic. Corny. But magic! 

Thank you so much for joining me on this very special morning ladies. The opportunity to connect with you all so personally and share in your journeys was a true honour and one that I will forever be grateful for.  

'Til next time beautiful souls, 

Sabine x