September Wrap Up : Boys, Girls, Heroes & Butterflies

September was a cracker! I needed a few weeks to recover, get my thoughts together, procrastinate just a little and now (at the end of October…) I can finally bring to you the wrap up of the month that was our biggest yet.

Core Confidence started September by presenting an awesome 'Breakout Session' to the attendees of Zero2Hero’s Youth Mental Health Forum “In Your Head”. What an incredible event to be apart of. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to key note speakers - Amy Coombe, Dr Arne Rubenstein, Annika Rose & Matthew Pavlich. It was incredibly uplifting to see so many different schools and groups attend the day and it’s inspiring to see Mental Health being prioritised and spoken about. Our breakout session was all about the affect of body esteem on mental health and how we can use movement to promote self love. It was a big group in a small room so our Pilates/Yoga moves were a bit limited but we got there in the end. Huge thanks to MC of the day David for letting me take up most of our session time and getting on board the movement part of the session. Legend.


Next we (me and my mats...) visited the lovely grounds of Corpus Christi College. They had organised a lunchtime power hour with varying workshops and stalls for their “Mentally Healthy” Week. They even had a petting zoo! Too cute!! I had a lovely group of girls join me for the Pilates session. We all started off a bit shy but by the end of it we were in fits & giggles of laughter  - ah the power of Movement and Connection! Astounds me every time 😃 

Photo 21-9-17, 6 05 26 pm.jpg

I was then lucky enough to be invited to Lakelands Senior High School where instead of a lunch hour, we took part in a whole day of activities and workshops to promote mental health to their students. We had a diverse range of ages and a mix of boys and girls. Not that it was a competition, but special shout out to the group of 18 Year 9 boys who absolutely killed their session! I really appreciated your genuine interest in the body image topic presented as well as your ‘have - a - go ‘ attitude in getting involved with the Pilates. It was an absolute pleasure meeting all the students and big thanks to Lakelands for organising such a superb day. Did you see this article about it in community news?

Then, thrown into the September mix, I had the opportunity to attend a Butterfly Foundation training session. I’m very passionate about ensuring Core Confidence’s services, activities and resources are up-to date with the latest evidence and recommended supports and so was super excited to hear about their latest recommendations. It was great to see so many teachers and school representatives at the training. I love that wellbeing and especially body image education and support is on the priority list for the education system to address. It’s still got a long way to go, but these individuals are on the way to making the appropriate changes happen. I'm very grateful to be apart of the journey.

It certainly was an incredible month and there’s still no better feeling for me than connecting with our youth and hearing what they are wanting and NEEDING as support to navigate the minefield that is - growing up. Spoiler alert : the minefield never really gets smaller, the mines just get easier to dodge. We are all still figuring it out!!

Huge thanks to all of YOU! Those who continue to read, comment, email, reach out and share Core Confidence's message. I know there's often a lot of hype surrounding many wellbeing initiatives but your continued support, encouragement, requests & interaction drive me to continue. Surpassing the hype, I am determined to continue on our mission to educate & support our youth in being empowered, confident & completely in love with who they are today. We've reached 222 people via our in-person events and workshops this year (more than doubling our 2017 goal of 100). and many many more via our online supports and community and continue to receive the most heartwarming feedback summaries. Thank you for your contributions in helping to make it happen! We can't wait for an even bigger and better 2018. 



Wanting to raise Mental Health Awareness and provide suitable support specifically surrounding body esteem for your students or organisation? Core Confidence Founder & Physiotherapist, Sabine, is available for 2018 school workshops, movement classes & speaking engagements. Share your requirements with us by getting in touch via