Body Esteem & School Balls

 A match perhaps, not made in heaven.

It's that time of the year here in Perth! School ball season can be a catalyst for anxiousness, poor body esteem and feelings of 'not being good enough' in many young people. Now, in 2018, we're not just comparing ourselves to others in our class or photo shopped models in a monthly magazine. We’re able to instantly compare ourselves to people's filtered, posed and edited highlight reels in different schools, states and countries! Bringing about a whole lotta extra pressure and insecurities. 

At Core Confidence we love promoting and sharing the notion of "Self Love" (I mean, it's in our logo!) however we feel it's important to acknowledge and recognise the benefits of sometimes needing to shift the focus towards "Self Acceptance". For some young people, this may be one of those times. Instead of feeling bad, guilty or wrong about the fact that we don't love ourselves at this particular moment, let's give ourselves permission to instead embrace our insecurity. Because we all have them. We all have those moments of not feeling as amazing as we could in our own skin. And it's totally ok. 

By focusing on the acceptance we are helping break the cycle of negative feelings. We free ourselves of feeling guilty, bad or wrong for not "loving" ourselves whole heartedly at that time. Because at the end of the day - as cheesy as it sounds - it's your kindness, your authenticity, your generosity that will truly be remembered and celebrated. 

This moment of acceptance can also provide the pause required for a moment of gratitude. To remind ourselves of how fortunate we are to be able to treat ourselves, have this fun night with our friends and make these amazing memories of our final school year. We are the lucky ones. 

So what can we do to support our young people on their journey of acceptance?? Let's be the example. Let's not pretend. Let's make it ok to have insecurities and doubts. Let's accept them and if we can, let's embrace them! 

To make this fun we want to see a picture of you at your school ball (or formal dinner or graduation or your equivalent). Scroll through the old Facebook photos (or trawl through photo albums!) and share with us a picture of this milestone school event and caption it with an insecurity that you had at that time in your life as well as a quality you are proud of. Because it’s time to #embraceselfacceptance and know that #youaremorethanyourimage

It's easy! 

1) Share a photo of you from your school ball or equivalent (bring on all the cringe!) 

2) Caption it with an insecurity you had at the time (and if you like, how you learnt to accept or embrace it) AND an inner quality you are proud of 

3) Hashtag #youaremorethanyourimage or #embraceselfacceptance whichever resonates with you (or both!) 

4) Tag 3 friends whose school ball photos you want to see or tag a young person who needs to know he/she is not alone 

Let’s be the change and make it okay.

Alright....I'll start! 

No words! 

No words! 


One of the things I was most insecure about was my broad "swimmer" shoulders. I always turned to the side so that the photo wouldn't be a complete front on.

I am proud of my determination throughout this final school year. It was a toughie! And it's a quality I still carry with me. Thankful for every tough moment!! 


See! Easy :) now it's your turn! 








For anyone struggling with disordered eating or requiring formal guidance we support The Butterfly Foundation Hotline: 1800 33 4673.