One : One Mentoring 

Is there a young person in your life who you feel would benefit from an added bit of guidance and support? Perhaps they are experiencing low body esteem, having difficulty navigating new friendships, struggling with pressures associated with social media or feeling overwhelmed with exam stress. Our workshops address these common concerns in a fun and engaging manner but we also understand that sometimes a group environment isn't the most suitable format for everyone. Core Confidence Founder, Sabine McKenzie, offers one to one support for a more personable and focused program. Taking a gentle, relatable, "big sister" mentoring approach Sabine aims to help your amazing young person realise their exceptional worth.




An experienced and trusted adviser.



Advise or train (someone, especially a younger colleague)



What is involved?

Initial Meet - Up : meeting in a suitable local location for a juice & chat, this provides an opportunity to determine suitability of mentoring, what the teen can expect from the mentoring series and ensures both parties feel comfortable. For Parent/Guardian, Sabine (Mentor) and young person if desired. 45 mins. 

Investment: $50 - this will be subtracted from the Mentoring Program investment if decided you'd like to go ahead.

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If both parties are happy, it’s important to invest time so that trust can be developed, a relationship can be formed, skills can be built and change can occur. Therefore our one - to - one mentoring program has a 6 session (3 month) minimum commitment. 

One - to - One Mentoring Program:

  • 6 x 1hr private sessions in-person or via Skype if required

  • Unlimited email access to Sabine for the duration of the 3 months

  • Complimenting worksheets for engagement, focus and continued growth

Investment: $120/month ($360 in total)




Let's have a conversation!

Sabine would love to hear from you to schedule an initial meet up and discuss your young person commencing a 1:1 mentoring program.

She welcomes your call or text via mobile on 0474 206 746.

Alternatively you can reach her via email on 


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A note from Sabine: "My upmost priority is your young person feeling listened to, heard and supported. Governed by our registering body, I am a qualified Physiotherapist with added Youth Mentor and Coaching training. My journey in life thus far has engrained a passion within me to prevent any young person from feeling like they are not good enough. However, I do not believe that experiences alone qualifies anyone to dish out advice or treat mental health conditions. Instead, I am a strong believer in the power and benefits of holistic coaching, mentoring and support to help young people achieve their goals. I combine my qualifications, knowledge, experiences, passion, and evidence based strategies within my scope of practise to support those I can. I will always refer on to appropriate clinicians or support services when appropriate. I take the privilege to support your young person very seriously and look forward to helping you, help them. through their journey."