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Love Yo Self!

Make this school year the best one yet! Break through self doubt and fear with pilates based movement, discussions and activities. Set yourself up for an incredible 2017 with this half day exercise and self love workshop set to inspire, empower and connect. 

For Girls in Year 10-12 


Sunday, 12th February 9.30am-12.30pm

at The Mind Body Heart Studio

81 Nanson St, Wembley


Body Image Issues and School/Study Stresses remain as part of the top 3 issues of personal concern to girls aged 15-19*.

This half day workshop addresses both. We make it possible for girls to understand self love and cope with the stresses of their daily lives. Through purposefully lead discussions and facilitated activities the workshop participants will  

  • acknowledge and accept the presence of their inner meanie
  • discover personal self care tools
  • utilise these tools to turn up their self-worth meter
  • re-discover their values to set a purposeful intention and OWN 2017! 

Unique to Core Confidence, we incorporate a Pilates based mindful exercise session to encourage the participants to

  • Understand the benefits of physical activity and role within self care
  • Reconnect with our bodies and move it out of love not fear  

It's Self Love. From the core, out.  

Limited spots available. 


*Mission Australia Survey 2016. See this blog post for more.


  Frequently Asked Questions

         + Does my daughter have to be physically fit to attend the Workshop?

          All levels of fitness are welcome and encouraged! You do not need previous Pilates experience to attend. The Workshop is run by a Physiotherapist who is able to adjust the exercises to suit all fitness levels.

          + My daughter is not in this specific age group - can she still attend?

          The developmental stages we go through are generally associated to a certain age range. This Workshops has focused on one of these stages and is therefore recommended for girls aged between 15-18. If your daughter is slightly younger or older but you believe she falls in to this age range developmentally,  please get in touch with us so we can have a chat to discuss its suitability! We want every young person to receive the Core Confidence message in the most effective way, therefore appropriately delivering our content is of upmost importance to us!

         Can my daughter bring a friend?

          Yes, of course! Simply pass on the Workshop details to your daughters friendship group and their families for them to complete the booking form and register as a participant. Spaces are limited!   

          + Does it matter if my daughter is coming alone?

          Not at all! The Workshop is kept to a small group of participants to ensure appropriate connections and learnings can be made by each of them.

          + Who leads the Workshop?

          Hi there! I'm Sabine, the Founder of Core Confidence. I'm a practising Physiotherapist, certfied Youth Mentor and qualified Wellness Coach. Most importantly I'm incredibly passionate about spreading the Self Love message to provide girls with the tools and startegies to be empowered, confident and completely in love with who they are today! I facilitate all the Workshops, gently leading discussions and guiding the girls through activities including the exercise portion of the Workshop. Feel free to visit the ABOUT page of the website to read a bit more about my journey or get in touch via the CONNECT page to have a real life conversation! I look forward to hearing from you and being able to provide you with added support in this beauitful time of your daughters life.

           + I still have some questions! How can I get in touch with you?

         You're welcome to send through any queries to hello@coreconfidence.net. If you would prefer to speak to our Founder, Sabine, she would love to hear from you. For your convenience and to avoid playing phone tag, please select a time that is suited to you here and she'll give you a call. 


Don't fall into this age group?? Read on! 

Are you (or your daughter, sister, cousin, friend) younger than Year 10 or past school age? Are you ready to own your self worth by tapping in to your strong body and positive mind??! LET US KNOW!! We haven't forgotten about you! As we are still in the beginnings of creating our Core Confidence Community we need your help to inform us of your interest in attending a workshop (or in sending a daughter, sister, cousin, friend to us). Fill in your details here so that we can make this happen and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with our events!